About the course

People often claim they want their dog to be “obedient.” However, this is an end result. What most people actually need to do is learn how to communicate with their dog clearly and effectively and to use this communication to teach appropriate behaviour. The teaching of appropriate behaviour is what creates an obedient dog who is a pleasure to live with.

This course is designed for students who wish to develop this high level of communication with their dogs. They will learn about the holistic nature of dog behaviour and they will develop the practical tools necessary to manage and alter their dog’s current behaviours. This is a course for people who want a fulfilling, peaceful and enjoyable relationship with their dog.

Course Curriculum

  General Introduction
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  An Introduction to Communication
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  Practical Communication Skills
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  Summary - Outcomes of Communication
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  The Lead and Collar - Importance of Building Trust
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peter belic

Hi, I’m Peter Belic

I have over 40 years experience in dog obedience training. I've achieved the highest prizes of dog obedience in Australia and rehabilitated thousands of dogs across the Hunter Region in NSW Australia.

We have put together this online course to provide people anywhere in the world to benefit from our tried and tested training philosophy and improve the life of you and your dog.



Lifetime Access

Dog Citizenship

Be comfortable to walk your dog without being concerned about aggressive behaviour to other people and dogs.

dog with child
Dogs and Family

Learn how to integrate your dog into your home and part of your family.

dog reward
Modify Behaviour

Learn to change your dog's behaviour with professional techniques